Hot water baths

The waters flowing within the park and within the pools are ranked as highly as the waters of the Baden Baden in Germany, Yellow Stone Geysers and Hot Springs in Wyoming, USA and Onsen Ryokan, in Japan and are world renowned for their ability to reduce stress, cure rheumatism, psoriasis and other skin ailments.  In fact, in 1784, under instructions from King Louis XV1 of France, samples of the mineral saturated water emerging from Sulphur Springs were analyzed in France and found to possess similar medicinal properties to the waters of the Aix-les-Bains.  Consequently, baths were built by Baron-de-Laborie, the French Governor of St. Lucia (1784 to 1789), at Diamond Estate, 1 km north-west of Sulphur Springs Park.  The original Diamond Baths were destroyed during the Brigand War that followed on the heels of the French Revolution (1789-1794), but, were rebuilt by the owners in the early twentieth century.  These baths today sit within St. Lucia’s largest and best kept botanical gardens and are themselves a tourist attraction.

Our guides confidently boast that a dip in our magical waters makes every visitor look ten years younger!!!  Well, come take a dip and find out for yourself.

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Black Water Pool

Just beside the park’s entrance is our famous Black Water Pool.  Built in 2004 and refurbished in 2009, this area boasts a natural open air hot water pool, sitting area, hot and cold water showers and changing rooms.  You can feel free to dip your feet in this black mineral-rich pool or if you’re more adventurous take a full bath in its 38.7oc (101.6 Fahrenheit) waters.

Pool of Love

This small and intimate, clear, hot water pool located near our old Ventine Baths is fed from mineral water which emerges from deep beneath the surface of the earth.  At 31.3oc (88.3 Fahrenheit) it is warm, refreshing and relaxing.  Of late this pool has become an attraction for movie and television series producers.  In fact, in November 2009 our pool featured prominently in the hit ABC reality television series The Bachelor.  In the final episode of the series Jake Pavelka serenaded his suitor, Vienna Girardi, in our pool, determining right there that she was the best candidate for a lifetime of romance and love. 

Hot water pool

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