• Gros Piton Nature Trail - Come conquer the Piton

    Gros Piton Nature Trail - Come conquer the Piton

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    The Gros Piton Nature Trail offers a great opportunity to conquer the majestic gros piton. The nature trail starts from the community of Fond Gens Libre which means ‘Valley of the Free People’. Brigands, or black freedom-fighters, used the area as a secure haven during the slave rebellion of 1748. The tour commences at the Interpretation Center with exhibits of rare vegetation and birds found along the trail.

    The first half of the trail is for everyone to enjoy! The base of the trail winds around the mountain at a gradual slope. Magnificent views of the ocean and the Choiseul Village can be seen to the East. Several Brigand sites and the Anse L'lvrogne Canyon can be visited in the first section. Caves, tunnels, rock shelters, camps, signal stations, look-outs and landing sites make the tour interesting and mystical.

    The second half of the trail involves a steep ascent to the summit of Gros Piton and is intended for the more adventurous hiker. Approximate time: 4 hours round trip.