Soufriere Regional Development Foundation

Thank you for your interest in the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation and our picturesque community of Soufriere, St. Lucia. We are a stellar development organization located in the heart of the most beautiful place on earth; Soufriere, St. Lucia.

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    About SRDF

    The Soufriere Foundation is a non-profit company established by the people of Soufriere to promote, encourage, support, facilitate and coordinate local development initiatives in the Soufriere region.

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    Media Gallery / Videos

    Check out videos and photos of our projects, programmes and scenes from around Soufriere...

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    Black Water Pools

    Come take a dip in our therapeutic pools, like Jake Pavelka and his suitor, Vienna Girardi did in the hit ABC reality television series The Bachelor...

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    About Soufriere

    The history, people, politics, culture, economy and geology of this quaint town makes a captivating story. Discover why....

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    Learn about Soufriere Creole Jazz; our Scholarship Programme, ABE Programme, College Fair and training initiatives

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    Every year the Soufriere Foundation spends over EC$250, 000 in projects. Learn about our projects and get information about who should apply, how to apply, etc...

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    Oprah describes Soufriere as one of the five (5) must see destinations in the world. See why millions before you have visited this special place on earth.

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    Sulphur Springs

    Find out everything there is to know about St. Lucia’s premier attraction- the Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano. This is a truly memorable experience that just cannot be missed while in tropical St. Lucia.

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    Tet Paul

    Why all the buzz about St. Lucia’s hottest nature trail? Read more about this gateway to heaven...

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    Select from great choices of accommodation ranging from high-end resorts to quaint, quiet guesthouses with unrivalled service and superb amenities to ensure your unforgettable vacation experience!

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    Soufriere offers visitors a wide range of dining options- from local to international cuisine, upscale restaurants to road-side snackettes. Click here for more...

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    Creole Jazz

    May is the month for music lovers. Come play and stay in Soufriere during our annual Soufriere Creole Jazz.

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